Amoora Shower Bomb – SLEEP



To get the best experience from your AMOORRA shower bombs, we recommend the following:

  • Run your shower to your usual desired temperature. The hotter it is and more closed-in, the more steam will be produced and the more you will get from your experience

  • It is best to use amoorra before or after washing so that you can properly take some time out to enjoy the experience, and not introduce other aromas from soaps, etc

  • When you are ready, take the tablet out of the tin, and place on the shower floor, out of the direct flow of the shower – off to the side or corner is best

  • Close your eyes, let your mind and body be at rest and take some deep breaths whilst you enjoy the warmth of the water and inhale the natural aroma of the essential oils

  • If you don’t use up all of your tablet, take it out of the shower and place somewhere to dry for next time